Bayern could sign Bryan Zaragoza right now.

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Granada Faces Tense Countdown as Bayern Eyes Early Transfer for Bryan Zaragoza

The ongoing transfer saga takes a dramatic turn as Bayern Munich seriously considers fast-tracking Bryan Zaragoza's move from Granada. Initially sealed for the next season at a fee of €12 million, the winger's transfer might happen sooner than expected. With the sudden injury to Kingsley Coman, Bayern's urgency to bolster their ranks could amplify Granada's challenges.

Bayern's Proactive Approach to Injury Woes

How will Coman's absence affect Bayern's season ambitions? The club's swift action to potentially advance Zaragoza's arrival illustrates their commitment to maintaining a strong squad, but what does this mean for Granada's tactical setup for the remainder of the season?

Granada's Looming Predicament

Could Granada cope with losing one of its key players at this critical stage of the campaign? The departure of Zaragoza, while financially beneficial, could pose new tactical challenges. How will the team adapt and what strategies will they employ to mitigate the impact of his potential early exit?

Impending Deadline Drama

With the clock ticking towards the close of the transfer window, the tension rises. Will Granada be facing an immediate future without Bryan Zaragoza? And how will this affect their La Liga campaign? The consequences of this deal could send ripples through the league.

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