Betis signs ‘their’ Zidane… from Real Madrid.

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Real Betis Balompié is set to add a touch of 'Zidane' magic to their squad by securing the signature of Elyaz Zidane, the youngest son of the legendary French footballer Zinedine Zidane. At just 18 years old, Elyaz is ready to leave the nurturing grounds of Real Madrid's Juvenil A, under the guidance of Álvaro Arbeloa, to carve out his own legacy in the verdant colors of Betis.

A Zidane in the Making

Why is Elyaz's move causing such a stir in the football world? The allure of the Zidane name is undeniably a factor, but the talent Elyaz possesses is the true headline. As a graduate of Real Madrid's esteemed youth academy, is he poised to follow in the monumental footsteps of his father?

La Liga's New Prodigy

Can Elyaz Zidane make an immediate impact at Real Betis? Although the weight of his surname carries high expectations, at Betis he will have the opportunity to flourish and showcase his talent on the biggest stage of Spanish football. But will he become the midfield maestro his father was?

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The footballing journey of Elyaz Zidane is just beginning, and Real Betis could be the perfect platform for him. Will he dazzle at the Benito Villamarin Stadium or is he set to be an understudy waiting for his moment to shine?

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With each game, Elyaz has the chance to either burgeon into a household name or remain as a reminder of a legacy that's incredibly tough to emulate. What is certain is that all eyes will be on him as he takes his first steps onto the pitch in Betis colors.

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