Bordalás wants Cabrera if Duarte leaves Getafe.

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With strategic maneuvers underway in LaLiga, José Bordalás's Getafe is at the heart of intriguing transfer market developments. The acquisition of Ilaix Moriba from Leipzig has already signaled Getafe's intent to bolster their midfield presence. Now, attention turns to their defence, as Getafe aims to solidify its lineup for the challenges ahead.

Getafe's Defensive Puzzle: New Pieces on the Horizon?

Getafe's recruitment drive continues, but with the potential departure of defender Duarte on the horizon, how will Bordalás reinforce his squad's defensive capabilities? Speculation is rife that the solution lies with the possible acquisition of Leandro Cabrera. But the question remains: Can Cabrera fill the gap and rise to the expectations at Getafe?

The Transfer Window Clock is Ticking

As the transfer window inches closer to its climax, the urgency to complete crucial signings has never been more palpable. Getafe's pursuit of a stable defence could prove to be a masterstroke for their campaign's remainder. However, will these final moves in the market secure a resilient backline ready to face LaLiga's array of attacking talents?

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Read the complete news here to uncover whether Getafe's winter window ventures will culminate in a successful defensive reinforcement. Will Cabrera be the one to step into Duarte's shoes? Football fans will be keenly watching as these transfer narratives unfold.

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