Calhanoglu demands recognition: “He is the best number ‘5’ in the world after Rodri.”

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Hakan Calhanoglu is claiming his place among the elite midfielders in the world. After a stellar season with Inter, where he's netted 11 goals and commanded the midfield with exceptional skill, discussions have erupted: Could he be the best '5' in the world right after Manchester City's maestro Rodri?

Calhanoglu's Midfield Mastery in Serie A

With Calhanoglu at the helm, the Inter midfield has become a force to be reckoned with. His ability to dictate the pace of the game and contribution to both defensive duties and attacking impetus has been instrumental this season. But is his influence enough to deem him the world's second-best '5'?

The Numbers Behind His Claim

The stats are certainly in his favor, boasting a solid goal tally and numerous assists to his name. Calhanoglu's performances have sparked debates across the football world, underpinning his significance in a competitive Italian top flight.

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What Defines the Best in the Business?

Discourse around the best '5' encompasses not just technical abilities but impact, consistency, and leadership. Can Calhanoglu satisfy these criteria, or is there more to his surge than meets the eye? With the season unfolding, only time will tell if he truly can step closer to Rodri's pedestal and fulfill his claim.

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