Filipe Luís kicks off his career as a coach: he will manage the Flamengo under-17 team.

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The Transition of a Star: From Pitch to Pitchside
Filipe Luís, renowned for his remarkable stints as an elite left-back with Atlético Madrid, embarks on a new chapter in his illustrious football journey, taking the reins of Flamengo's Under-17 squad. A glaring opportunity to shape the future of Brazil's raw talent, Luís's choice sets a precedent of preference for club over country.

Starting a Coaching Odyssey: Why Club before Country?
After hanging up his boots, many expected Filipe Luís to take a backseat role, but his appointment as Flamengo U17 coach hints at a hands-on approach to nurturing the next generation. What prompted the former Atlético icon to forgo a potentially influential position within the Brazilian Football Confederation?

Filipe Luís's Vision for Flamengo's Youth
Within the walls of Flamengo's academy, Filipe Luís is poised to impart his wealth of experience. But what is his blueprint for success? How will he translate his playing philosophy onto these young aspirants eager to etch their names in the annals of football history?

Leaving a Legacy
As Filipe Luís steps into this new role, the footballing community watches with bated breath. Will his transition mirror the success of his active years, and can he steer Flamengo's fledglings to soar on the international stage?

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