Michael Owen Shares Son’s Incurable Illness, Ends Football Dream

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Michael Owen Reveals His Son's Incurable Condition

Former Premier League star Michael Owen has shared a heart-wrenching story about his son James, who at just 17 years old, had to give up his dreams of following in his father's footsteps due to a rare eye condition. In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Owen delved into the family's struggle and the realization that James is clinically blind.

A Rising Star's Challenge

James Owen's promising football journey was cut short as he faced an incurable condition that severely affected his vision. How did this young talent cope with the news, and what does this mean for his future?

Owen's Fatherly Insights

Michael Owen, celebrated for his remarkable football career, opens up about the difficult conversations and decisions that have affected his family. Could his son still find a path in the football world despite the obstacles?

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Pushing Beyond the Pitch

James Owen's condition may have taken him off the pitch, but what remains is a tale of perseverance and adaptability. The interview not only sheds light on the struggles but also on the Owen family's resilience. How are they planning to tackle this adversity and what inspiration can others drawn from this journey?

To read the full story, follow the journey through the unknown, and find out how the Owens are navigating this life-changing diagnosis click here.

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