Morata ends the away-game drought for the red-and-whites.

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The Stakes Were High in La Liga's Flamboyant Finale

In a match that carried significant weight in the shaping of La Liga's top and bottom league positions, Atlético Madrid visited Granada in what promised to be a pivotal encounter for both sides. Atlético aimed to inject themselves back into the Champion's League places, while Granada fought to claw their way out of the relegation abyss.

Morata: The Man of the Hour

How long had Atlético fans awaited this moment? Álvaro Morata, a name that resonated with anticipation, stepped into the spotlight once again. Could he be the key to Atlético's fortune on foreign turf?

The Quest for Glory

As the whistle sounded, both teams knew the gravity of the ninety minutes ahead. Granada, with their survival instincts triggered, were not just playing for points but for their place in Spain's elite competition. But did they manage to stave off the might of the Madrileños?

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A Twist in the Tale?

There's always a twist where football is concerned, moments of magic or mayhem altering everything. Was the match in Granada one such narrative-shifting event?

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With the conclusion of this match, the storyline hadn't just affected the players and fans; it resonated throughout the entirety of La Liga. Delve into the full story and uncover how the match unfolded, and witness whether Morata truly managed to end Atlético's away-game drought and reignite their hopes for European glory.

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