Mourinho is sent off… and he leaves to the applause of his supporters!

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The Special One's Controversial Exit: Mourinho's Red Card Saga Continues

In the heated cauldron of Serie A, José Mourinho is no stranger to the limelight. But what makes his latest red card remarkable? It's the seventh since his high-profile comeback to Italy, and yet again, it has sparked a wave of reactions from the football community.

Mourinho's Magnetism for Red Cards

The latest chapter in Mourinho's tumultuous Serie A story saw him receiving yet another marching order from the match officials. But what could have possibly led to such a decision? And how did the supporters react to the dismissal of their charismatic leader?

From Ovation to Investigation

As he made his way from the dugout, something unusual happened. Instead of jeers, there was a thunderous round of applause from the home fans. What does this tell us about Mourinho's rapport with the Roma faithful? The nature of his exit has lit up discussion forums and social media – what is it about Mourinho that continues to draw such unwavering support?

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In conclusion, the story of Mourinho's latest red card is not just about the act itself but the complex relationship between a manager, his team, and the passionate supporters. The enigmatic Portuguese continues to write his narrative, one red card at a time, stirring up the drama that is the essence of Il Calcio Italiano.

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