The agreement regarding LaLiga’s away section is gaining followers.

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In a groundbreaking move that has been gaining popularity, LaLiga clubs have embraced a new initiative aimed at enhancing the away match experience. The accord, which came into effect in August last year, mandates that 17 of the top-tier Spanish clubs must allocate a fixed number of tickets—300 to be exact—at a maximum price of €30 for visiting fans. This historic agreement did not include Real Madrid, Rayo Vallecano, and Villarreal, but it certainly marks a significant step towards improving fan involvement.

A Welcome Change for Away Supporters

The introduction of the agreement has been a long-awaited response to calls for a more accessible and unified approach to away fan allocations. But how has this shift been received by the supporters?

Impact on the Matchday Experience

One might wonder how this change has affected the atmosphere at stadiums across Spain? Has the presence of more away fans led to a more vibrant and engaging environment?

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