West Ham vs Arsenal – Premier League Predictions

Match Information

West Ham vs Arsenal

Premier League – 2023/2024


West Ham





Stadium: London Stadium

City: London

West Ham vs Arsenal: Battle in the Heart of London

In the highly anticipated Premier League clash, West Ham will host fellow London-based side, Arsenal, at the monumental London Stadium. This encounter holds enormous bearing on the course of the domestic season for both sides.

Tactical Overview & Predictions

Looking at the statistics, a double chance victory for Arsenal or a draw seems the most likely outcome. The current form of both teams suggests a balanced match, reflected in the predictions, with Arsenal (45%), West Ham (10%) and draw (45%) nearly equally probable.

However, it is pertinent to mention that these are only predictions, derived from various factors and past performances, and are not set in stone. Football, as we all know, is full of surprises.

Your Game, Your Decision

It's crucial to remember that while predictions can provide a general overview, they should not dictate your viewing experience or personal analysis. Enjoy the match, evaluate the performances, and make your own judgment.

Recent Perfomance

West Ham

Victories: 10 | Draws: 6 | Losses: 7

Goals Scored: 36 | Goals Against: 36


Victories: 15 | Draws: 4 | Losses: 4

Goals Scored: 47 | Goals Against: 22

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