Zerbin, the ‘eternal promise’ rejected by Inter, makes a debut with Napoli with an express and surreal brace.

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Alessio Zerbin's exceptional debut for Napoli is the kind of story that captures the imagination of football lovers across the globe. The young Italian winger, once considered an 'eternal promise' and cast aside by Inter Milan, announced himself in the Serie A with a double in record time under surreal circumstances.

A Dramatic Entrance

Subbed on in the 82nd minute, Zerbin's impact was instantaneous, finding the net just two minutes later. But what happened next added an element of drama to his debut.

When Passion Meets the Post

In the pursuit of his goal, Zerbin's collision with the goalpost may have slowed him down momentarily. But how did this incident affect the dynamic forward's performance mere minutes later?

The Remarkable Recovery

Treated and patched up, Zerbin returned to the pitch with a point to prove. In the 87th minute, he struck again. But what does this spell for his future at Napoli and could this signal a new dawn in his career?

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